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Our mission

Multilingual solutions

A buzzing hub of languages and cultures, is it any wonder that Tradas chose Brussels as the nerve centre of its translation and localisation operations?
We have linguistic and technical skills at the ready to facilitate your communication with all your target groups.

Whatever your project

Whatever your needs

Teaming human talent with hi-tech

No matter what document you need translated, whether scientific, technical or business, we have qualified experts at hand to take care of it. We are aware of what is at stake and meeting deadlines is what we do best! Our flexible and modular services allow you to entrust all your projects to one single partner, whether an urgent translation for your website or the localisation of your technical documentation in 20 languages. You can count on our team of project managers to respect your communication goals, international target audience and publishing formats.

ISO 9001:2008

Our regularly audited ISO 9001:2008 quality system offers you additional peace of mind. Our approach is geared towards total customer satisfaction.

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