Combining human talent…

Effective translation and communication is essential in any professional relationship. But when the language used is not your own, it can be a challenge. Particularly when the number of languages and markets expands and your publishing formats vary.

Through an extensive network of 900 qualified and vetted freelancers on the local markets (translators, editors, terminologists, interpreters and copywriters), Tradas offers multilingual translation services across Europe, The United States, Asia, and the Arab countries.

Whatever your business, we provide native speakers who are also specialists in your sector. They tailor your messages to the distinctive features of the target market, its cultural quirks, your market position and your company policy. In addition, we train them in your products or services to serve your long-term goals.

Our DTP (Desktop Publishing) specialists and language engineers are also at your disposal to handle your project according to its technical requirements.

… and Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools

Companies active in the export business or organisations that regularly publish large volumes in several languages and formats need to address their processes in a structured way. We are no different. By automating the repetitive part of the work, we become more efficient. In the world of translation this means you have fewer new words to finance and can be assured that your terminology is respected across the board. Furthermore, the management of various formats becomes less complex, or less expensive.

Tradas uses the most powerful software in the industry and follows your specific requirements. Our project managers conduct upstream preparatory work to support and facilitate the translation and production process. Combining this technology with our network of professional translators, we provide a comprehensive and powerful service.

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