Transcription services

How transcription services benefit business

Transcription services are designed to convert your business’ audio or video recordings into accurate, written text. Effectively capturing meetings, seminars, webinars, conferences, interviews, phone calls, or even customer service interactions, broadens the ways you can share and utilise any recorded information to achieve your goals. The transcription can then be used for data management, content creation or record-keeping. 

Transcription services require a thorough understanding of the language used, competent typing skills, and a keen ear to pick up every word and context. This is where Tradas can step in and offer its expertise to deliver professional transcriptions within your timing and budget without skimping on quality. This makes us the right choice for both local businesses in Belgium and multinational companies with global interactions.

The influential role of transcription in businesses

Businesses can reap multiple benefits from transcription services. For instance, they can use these services to create written records of meetings, conferences and presentations, which can serve as a valuable resource for future reference. The transcribed text can be shared across the company, keeping employees who were not able to attend the event updated on every detail that was mentioned in their absence.

Additionally, these services prove instrumental for businesses that are involved in educational, market research or legal proceedings (lecture notes, court recordings, patient records), where maintaining an accurate record of interviews and discussions is crucial.

Besides creating an accurate archive, the media and entertainment industry can use transcription services to create subtitles and scripts. Corporate businesses, on the other hand, leverage transcription for the preparation of meeting minutes and reports. The opportunities are endless and, regardless of the industry, transcription services can add value by offering an accurate and reliable written account of audio and video materials.

Tackling accents and languages

Despite the complexity and diversity of language, transcription services have evolved to be able to handle different accents and a variety of languages. Tradas’ professional transcribers are well-versed in many global languages and trained to interpret and document different regional accents accurately. In this respect, our transcription specialists are equipped not only to deal with language diversity, but also to bridge language gaps, ensuring seamless communication in the business world.

Our transcription services and your guarantee of accuracy

Next to employing experienced transcriptionists, we use software that can filter and reduce background noise. Note that the exact accuracy might vary depending on the quality of the recording provided.

For even better results, we have created a list of tips and tricks that can help to achieve the best results possible. Read more.

Volume of recordings and delivery time

Tradas is capable of handling large volumes of recordings with ease. Our solid infrastructure and talented team ensure that we deliver on both quality and quantity. We combine vast experience with cutting-edge tools and technology to ensure speedy turnarounds on your transcription projects. Our teams take deadlines seriously, ensuring you get your transcriptions when you need them. The turnaround time for transcription services can vary significantly based on numerous factors such as the length and complexity of the audio or video file, the quality of the recording and the chosen service level. Send us your request so we can analyse your needs and calculate the delivery time.

Value for money transcription services

The pricing model for transcription services is usually established on a per-minute basis. However, rates can vary significantly based on factors such as the quality of the audio, complexity of the content, turnaround time and specific formatting requirements. High-quality, clear audio with minimal background noise and no complex terminology typically costs less to transcribe than poor-quality recordings or those with technical terminology. We may also charge extra for timestamps or speaker identification. It’s recommended to clarify all these cost factors in advance to avoid unwanted surprises. Our project managers will ask all the right questions to make sure you receive exactly what you need.

Confidentiality of your data is ensured

Our transcription services prioritise the confidentiality of client data at every step of our operation. It’s just as important to us as it is to you. We implement a range of important security measures, including secure upload portals and protective firewalls. Only authorised personnel and collaborators have access to your information. Upon specific request, Non-disclosure Agreements (NDAs) can be signed, further securing your proprietary information. Routine audits and regulatory compliance initiatives further reinforce our commitment to protect your data.

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