3 effective tips to get the most out of your transcription

Transcription Tradas

When recording audio that will go on to be transcribed and processed, it’s always best to work in a recording studio. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible for everyone and every project, which is why we’ve put together some simple, yet effective, tips and tricks to obtain better results. 

Work in a quit and calm environment to avoid interruptions, and limit background noise. You can also use apps such as Adobe Enhance Speech to suppress any background noises and clean your audio file.

Use an adequate microphone positioned close to the speakers. We suggest using a clip-on or a table microphone (or several) that can record audio in different directions and patterns. If you still prefer to use your phone to record, we recommend pairing it with a microphone such as a Boya BY-M1DM Duo Lavalier microphone for better audio.

Make sure you avoid any interruptions as even a simple "yes" or "uh-huh" can have a considerable impact on the transcription process.

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