Transcreation and copywriting services

Transcreation and copywriting services

Why transcreation and copywriting are the key to your global success

With rapid globalisation and digitalisation, efficiently communicating your brand message to different cultures, in different languages, has become crucial. Unlike ordinary translations, transcreation changes not only the language of your message, but also its essence and emotion – without losing the core values of your brand. 

At Tradas, we understand that marketing and transcreation aren’t just about selling a product or service. They’re about telling a story. Creating a brand experience. Forging emotional connections with customers. With their in-depth knowledge of marketing strategies and consumer behaviour, our native copywriters skilfully shape your brand message. The result? Seamless communication with your worldwide audiences, greater engagement and higher sales.

Why choose transcreation and copywriting services over literal translations?

Transcreation plays an important role in marketing and brand development. It requires a deep understanding of both your target audience and your brand identity, while marketing expertise and creativity are essential to get the intention of your original message across in another language. Finding the right tone of voice can be a challenge when talking to your target audience with a different cultural background, especially if factors such as humour come into play. This technique overcomes cultural barriers and strengthens your core message. 

Whereas transcreation involves artfully reinterpreting content to match cultural differences in the target market, copywriting focuses on the strategic use of words to trigger action. Copywriting requires strong narrative skills to hold the attention of the target audience.

How Tradas’ expert services help you reach your audience and preserve your brand identity

Our team of linguists, copywriters and marketing specialists are all native speakers with in-depth knowledge of the target language and culture, which means they’re perfectly in tune with the intent and tone-of-voice of your message. Your brand story will be told in a compelling way, whether for advertising campaigns, corporate brochures, videos and games or online content such as web articles, newsletters or social media posts. In the hands of our global network of language experts, your communication will be taken to the next level, regardless of the target audience and market.

Your briefing and how we achieve your communication objectives

A successful transcreation or copywriting project stands or falls with a detailed briefing. So make sure you mention it’s a copywriting assignment to begin with. Provide us with as many details as possible, such as the source file and medium you’ll be using to disseminate the information, the maximum length of the text to be transcreated or copywritten, the target audience(s), the goals of the text or what you want to achieve with your message, etc.

We will then implement your project in 5 steps:

  • You’ll receive an estimate based on your requirements and confirmation of the delivery time
  • Once the estimate is confirmed, our Project Manager will select a skilled copywriter and marketing specialist to deliver in line with your needs
  • They’ll coordinate questions and answers collected from the briefing
  • You will then receive a first draft copy for you to comment
  • Your feedback will help us to dot the i’s and cross the t’s to submit a second version of the text

SEO, an essential component of any online marketing strategy

Our copywriters have a knack for creating content that not only appeals to your audience, but also catches the attention of search engines. With strong, keyword-rich copy in the target language, you secure higher search engine rankings and attract larger audiences. Read more here.

We help you build your business, both in Belgium and abroad

Drawing on your briefing, Tradas makes your brand stand out from the crowd. Our copywriting services guarantee you catchy copy that will convince your audience to take action – whether it’s to purchase, sign-up, download an e-book, or anything else that fosters engagement or boosts sales.

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